Graduating Into Adulthood: The Ultimate Young Adult Guide

Esther Krakue
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From author and writer Esther Krakue, as seen in the Mail on Sunday 

I was so SICK of hearing 

  • "The world is your oyster"
  • "Reach for the stars"
  • "You're just BURSTING with potential"

This e-book is every young person's bible of uncomfortable truths to truly THRIVE in this increasingly uncertain world. 

For parents with older children, or young adults themselves, we are all on the same mission: to live a FULFILLING life. 

Answers every young person's questions surrounding anxiety, insecurity, money, the future, relationships, etc 

Covering everything from:

  • Finding a decent job
  • Not WRECKING your finances
  • Deciding whether higher education is really for you
  • Having a love life that doesn't look like a car crash in slow motion
What you'll get:

  • Simple, important life skills based on current real world experiences and observations of many young people today, presented in a readable, point by point style. 
  • Industry secrets and tips and tricks you will NEVER hear from recruiters. 
  • Blunt advice and warnings tailored to and based on many mistakes young people today have been making. 

This book is for young people coming into themselves, anxious about the future, and/or looking to set themselves up for a life of success!

And even parents agree...

I want this!

Take your life into your own hands: The ultimate Young Adult guide!

Jobs & Personal Finances
Sex & Relationships
So much more...


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Graduating Into Adulthood: The Ultimate Young Adult Guide

13 ratings
I want this!